Where Do I Invest Lump sum Amount ?

Number of View :3715When it comes to investing a lump sum amount, what is the first investment option which comes to your mind ? Did we hear the word real estate ? If yes, we won’t be surprised as real estate tends to be the asset class of choice for big chunks of money. After […]

Why Not To Invest in New Pension Scheme (NPS)

Number of View :8055New Pension scheme (NPS) was given a fresh breather of life with effect from 1 April 2015 when the finance minister gave additional Rs. 50,000 tax rebate on investments being made into NPS. While the air was fresh, it was not fresh enough. Investments into NPS are exempt from tax at the […]

Top 5 Administrative Hassles in Mutual Fund Investments

Number of View :3117Mutual funds by definition are an excellent option if you want to take away the hassle of investing and relying upon a professional fund managers to invest your money gainfully. A related article on How to Invest in Mutual Funds describes upon how to invest into Mutual Funds and multiple options available […]

Should I Prepay my Loan Or Invest Till End of Tenure

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Number of View :7030One of the top priority of any bread earner is to buy a home and this often comes up with a costly price in the form of a housing loan. Once the loan has been take, the next priority becomes paying the loan off, specially when it comes to Indian culture where running […]

Buying Property via Interest Subvention Plan

Number of View :4257As some people will term, real estate is the only real asset which is worth owning. After all, they don’t make land any more and hence with growing population, the demand for owning a real estate is always poised to grow. Often to lure the buyers into real estate transactions, developers come up with […]

Medical Insurance Top-Up : Smarter Way to Insure

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Number of View :4230If you are a salaried employee, it is likely that your employer would have provided you a mediclaim benefit, i.e. a group medical insurance policy to take care of any hospitalization expenses up to a specific amount. Depending upon an employer, this could be any where from Rs. 1 lacs to 5 lacs covering […]

Investor Education Videos

Number of View :7678We thought this time to do some thing different, something visual rather than our usual posts with words. There has been an enormous effort in India to spread awareness on investment where various fund houses have done an awesome job of coming up with very creative and impacting advertisements which are hard hitting […]

Trailing the Oscillating Property Price Trends in Mumbai and Delhi NCR

Number of View :8452This is a guest article written by Moupia Chatterjee from an upcoming online real estate platform Commonfloor.com. It is common knowledge that property prices tend to fluctuate based on economic and market conditions. The prices are also bolstered by general sentiment. This article looks at the varying trends that are presently seen […]

All About A Cheque

Number of View :11839In the era of rapid technology enhancements, I am sure many of you would be using cheques as a part of your day to day banking needs and if you do, perhaps the content of this article may sound basic. However based upon my ongoing interaction with people, I have come to […]

Indian Budget 2015 – Top 10 Announcements

Number of View :9763This is the first complete budget announced by Narendra Modi’s led BJP government and in summary we give thumbs up to this budget to set the right tone for development. Not every thing was done to please the masses, but on a macro front, it ticked many boxes. Our analysis is focused on […]