How To Pick A Multibagger Stock

Buying stocks is buying a stake in a business. In this post we discuss how investors could identify fundamentally strong Companies which can deliver long term wealth. At the same time, this could assist in weeding out many of the minefields in the world of equity investing.

How to Shortlist A Mutual Fund

Mutual Funds are one of the best investment vehicles available for retail investors. This post touches upon key steps which an investor could consider while selecting an investment fund for their goals.

How to Evaluate Investment Options

With increasing information availability, the task to evaluate investment options is becoming challenging. In this post, I am noting the key principles I follow while shortlisting an investment option to suit life needs.

Should I Invest in Real Estate Investment Trusts – REITS

2019 introduced a flashy new investment option for Indian investors – Real Estate Investment Trusts or REITs. The first entrant into this space was Embassy Office Parks in April 2019, followed by Mindspace in July 2020 and Brookfields in Feb 2021. The blog post details around REITs and available options.

Why Aren’t Stock Markets Crashing ?

Despite of rising COVID cases, Stock markets are showing no signs of correction. Is there a disconnect between the ground reality and stock valuations ? Read this post which explains some fundamental reasons behind the earlier fall and current uptrend.

Game stop – Lessons From A Very Costly Game

Gamestop share price frenzy attracted a lot of attention with its sharp up & down movement of prices. Countless individuals lost their life savings. This post aims to highlight a few lessons from the saga and how could such events be avoided in future.

Motilal Oswal 25th Wealth Creation Study

Each year Mr. Raamdeo Agrawal conducts multi-month study targeting different themes and presents it to the investor community. This year’s theme was coming up with a set of 25 questions which investors could use to identify good Companies using a bottom of research. This blog post covers the presentation for 2020 and has been compiled from our twitter handle @banyanfa where we tweet frequently on personal finance topics.

What Should I do On SEBI Changes to Multi-Cap Mutual Funds ?

India’s financial markets regulator – SEBI on 11 September 2020 came up with a mandate requiring all Multi-Cap mutual fund schemes to have minimum 25% of their Assets in Mid Cap Companies and 25% in Small Cap Companies.
Click the link to read more about our views on how it could impact and the way forward.