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India only

The pages on this website are intended for the use of Indian residents only. If you are viewing this website from outside India, the respective local regulations may not allows us to advise you in your respective country.


Banyan Financial Advisors, the Banyan Financial Advisors Logo, and “the four essential boxes” logo are trademarks of Banyan Financial Advisors (BFA). BFA may also claim rights in other trade marks, service marks, logos and icons contained on this site. All rights are expressly reserved.

Copyright, Access to the site and Our Rights

We are the owner of all rights with regards to the content on this website such as and not restricted to copyrights and other intellectual property rights, unless otherwise expressly stated.

The usage of this site is meant for personal and non-commercial purposes only. Any contents of this site may not be copied, extracted, published, reproduced, distributed in digital, paper or any other form what so ever without express consent of BFA.

BFA shall monitor the contents and usage of this site and shall not tolerate any access to this site which would be for commercial purpose or which results in damaging, corrupting, altering, interfering or causing any other harmful affects to the contents of the site, whether such content is password protected or is freely viewable.

You hereby agree that damages may not be an appropriate or adequate remedy for any breach to the terms of the usage and hence you agree that BFA is entitled to take any other actions such as injunction, specific performance and any other appropriate legal to provide relief against the infringement of the terms.

Accuracy and validity of information

While BFA has taken all reasonable steps to confirm the accuracy of the information reflected in on this site, BFA does not accept any liability for any errors or omissions. You are expected to perform your independent research before taking any decisions on the matters mentioned in the website. If you need any clarity on any of the information mentioned on our website, please feel free to contact us.


BFA takes all reasonable steps to make the website is always accessible. However, BFA will not be held liable if for any reason the website is not available for any period. This shall also include periods where the website is not accessible due to maintenance, whether on an emergency or on planned basis. However, BFA shall strive to keep the period of downtime to as low as possible. Further, BFA has the right to suspend this website at any time it deems fit and shall not have any liability towards any person to maintain its availability.

Viruses & Malwares

BFA can not warrant that this website is free from viruses, defects, malwares or any other harmful codes and will not accept any responsibility for any problems , whether technical or otherwise, faced by the users as a result of using this website.

Third party websites

This website may also contain hypertext links to websites operated by third parties and which have no relationships with BFA. Such websites are beyond the control of BFA and the responsibility for the content and operation of such websites shall solely vest with the owners of the respective websites. BFA will not be liable any of the contents of these websites. The links may be provided for the convenience of the reader and should not be considered as BFA’s endorsement or recommendation of such site.


BFA will not be liable for any loss, loss of profit, savings, data or any direct or indirect damages in relation to the usage or reliance placed upon the contents of this website or even due to the unavailability of this website. BFA reserves the right to modify the terms of the usage of this website without any notice provided to you / reader and we recommend you to revisit this page on a regular basis to appraise yourself of the latest content of these terms.

Further, BFA makes a clear disclaimer that any decisions (whether financial or otherwise) taken by the reader of this blog are an absolute responsibility of the respective reader. BFA will not be liable for any after effects of the decisions taken by anyone based upon any contents posted on this site or any of the associated sites such as www.banyanfa.com or http://insight.banyanfa.com/ , etc.

Legal Jurisdiction

This website shall be governed by Indian laws and shall be subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of India.

Advisory Disclaimers

Banyan Financial Advisors (BFA) are not SEBI Registered Investment Advisors. As a firm, BFA provides general financial assistance to the clients and is not into investment advisory. Our services includes Accounting, Taxation, GST, Estate Planning, etc. We may as a part of assisting clients in their financial matters, provide incidental assistance on finance & investment matters. However, this is not a core service.

Any financial information shared on this blog is purely from an educational purpose and must not be considered as investment advice.

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