Systematic Support Plan – SSP

Let us give back to the society ! This phrase has a deep meaning and respect for most of the individuals and Corporates, linking it with the Charitable initiatives at all levels. 

I always strive to help causes which I would like, though most of the time it may be contributing financially to Charities.  Often thoughts do crop in my mind, if the funds will reach the actual cause and to what extent. There are limited ways for me to confirm this and hence where possible, I intend to support causes where there the cause is being run by an organization which I know personally. 

Off late, I have been lucky to know a group of professionals from various walks of life, who have joined hands with Life Force Foundation Trust (an NGO, registered under Mumbai Charity Commissioner) to help underprivileged children and provide the humanitarian support.  

Cause by Life Force Foundation Trust

The causes supported by the team revolve around the education & wellbeing of the children. Broadly, the activities include:

  1. Health and nutrition
  2. Improving the environmental hygiene and sanitation where a child lives
  3. Supporting educational requirements
  4. Child safety
Direct Distribution of Milk & Chikki

As an example, the group worked extensively during lockdown and adopted couple of Covid19 Quarantine facility under care of the local municipal corporation for distributing preventive homeopathic medicines, Iron tablets, nutritious items like bananas, ‘Chikkis’ and milk for kids. The group has partnered with a local NGO ‘Sneh Sadan’ to enhance standards of living, education, sports, health and hygiene requirements for the children. At all points, the team avoids giving out cash donation and would directly support the required interventions. This ensures that the money spent is fully achieving the supported cause.

Distribution of medical supplements to children

As you would appreciate, any such activities require a constant requirement of funds. Hence, we are launching a Charitable product which is similar to your already know Investment style of SIP. We call this SSP or Systematic Support Plan

How does it work ?

We have kept it simple just like your SIP Investments. You can support this charitable cause by setting up a monthly standing instruction from your bank account of a specific amount which gets transferred to the bank account of Life Force Foundation Trust. You can also send across lump-sum transfers too, if you wish. Your funds will be utilised directly for the cause. At year end you will get the 80G donation certificate which you can use to claim back tax rebates. 

We seek your help and humbly request you to become part of this movement with an assurance that every penny collected as charity is used directly and the right cause. Kindly message us on and we will reply back to you promptly with the bank details.

Key Individuals who are directly working on the Cause

  • Dr Rajesh Shah, Director Life Force
  • Navin Agrawal, Sr. Partner KPMG
  • Manu Agrawal, Founder Naaptol,
  • Jayant Kohale, Ex L&T
  • Praveen Sood, Ex-HCC
  • Naveen Kumar, L&T
  • Khalid Raza, Co Founder Vernost
  • Gurpreet Singh, Director MTC
  • Ashish Thakur, Director Barclays US

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