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We thought this time to do some thing different, something visual rather than our usual posts with words. There has been an enormous effort in India to spread awareness on investment where various fund houses have done an awesome job of coming up with very creative and impacting advertisements which are hard hitting in their message. We are attempting to consolidate a few impactful videos. Most of these videos are within 1-2 minutes duration and we would strongly encourage to go through them. Who knows what clicks for you !

Stop Procrastinating, Act Now

When it comes to investing for future, the best day to start is now, rather it is already too late. But the people who would need to invest the most would like to procrastinate to tomorrow and that tomorrow never comes. Enjoy this message from HDFC Mutual Fund


Invest in Right Avenues

Where the step is taken to save for future, generally the saving is made in avenues which won’t take a person a long way in future. One needs to focus on right way to invest rather than saving a few pennies here and there. A message from IDFC Mutual Fund.


Proffessional Advisors may be helpful

Investing in a right avenue may not be every one’s cup of tea. You may want to take assistance of financial advisors and fund managers to invest your money gainfully.


Patience is Key

When you start investing, the most important lesson is ‘PATIENCE’ if you want your investments to grow and not to be influenced by your emotions. If you add the dreadly combination of Patience with the right investment avenue, you are most likely to make a killing from your investments.


Small Steps Help

And you don’t need to go big-bang with your investments, small steps would go a long way to give you big returns in future.


Start As Early As You Can

If you start early in your life, you are likely to get success more easily than if you start in late stages of your careers. In short, start as early as you can to invest for your future. This goes hand in hand with the concept of power of compounding.


Dreams on Swaddle

To promote people to think for their goals, IDFC mutual fund came up with an innovative campaign ‘Dreams on Swaddle’.  I am sure it would add to parent’s vision and invest for their kid’s dreams.


Every Drop Helps

I am sure you would have heard about the crow and pitcher story. A thought invoking advert from Birla Sunlife Mutual Fund to force a thought – every drop counts.


Goal Oriented Investing

And if you start investing, every dream is achievable. A heart touching goal oriented investment advertisement from UTI Mutual Fund


Invest vs Save

This is one of the longest advert from IDFC. The story line clarifies the difference between invest, save and enjoyment. It is only investment which will be able to beat the inflation out of your dream projects and help you achieve them.



Janoge tou manoge from Birla Sunlife Mutual Fund



The advertisements shared in this post are not intended to recommend any specific fund house or investment to the readers.

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  1. Kudos to the creative teams behind these ads, they have tried their best to convey the point in few seconds.. like them.

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