How to Change NRI Status in Inoperative PAN

Income Tax department has made PAN of tax payers as inoperative if they are not linked to Aadhaar. NRIs (Non Residents) are exempt from PAN and Aadhaar linkage, however they need to change their NRI Status in PAN. NRIs could be rightfully frustrated and are struggling to get make their PAN operative again. We have recorded a detailed video on how NRIs address the following :

  1. Login to Income tax website.
  2. Verify the status of their PAN, if it is operative or inoperative
  3. Tag the PAN as Non Resident
  4. Inform the tax office of the resident status.

Please click the video and go through the details.

Template of the email which could be sent to the Juridiction Assessing Officer is below

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