Corona Specific Medical Insurance Policy

Medical insurance plan is close to a necessity considering rising hospitalisation bills. A single unfortunate hospitalisation is at times all it takes to derail a person’s financial health into doldrums. It is heartening to see that a large number of people do get covered via their office’s medical insurance plan, which is a healthy practise and many choose to take their own stand alone insurance covers too.

However, there are still a vast number of un-insured or under insured people when it comes to medical insurance. Where a pandemic is all around us, the probability of getting hospitalised gets temporarily elevated.

It is good to see that Medical Insurance Companies are rising up to the occasion and are offering specific illness medical insurance plan for short duration upto a year at an affordable premium.

One such good option is from HDFC Ergo – ‘Corona Kavach Policy‘. Broadly this policy covers hospitalisation related expenses in an event a person has been tested Corona / COVID positive and requires hospitalisation treatment.

Key features of this policy is :

  1. Covers medical expenses associated with hospitalisation in India, from bed charges, tests, PPE Kits, Oxygen, ICU and Doctor fees. See detailed terms and condiition for specific exclusions;
  2. Pre-hospitalisation expenses upto 15 days prior to admission and 30 days post discharge from the hospitalisation are coverd.
  3. Home treatment – Medical expenses are covered related to health monitoring and medications for upto 14 days;
  4. It is a limited duration cover – available durations are from 3.5 months to 9.5 months. The policy does not cover claims incurred in the first 15 days period post taking an insurance.
  5. Individuals upto 65 years of age can be covered.
  6. Cover can be taken for an individual or on a family floater basis.
  7. Sum assured start from INR 50,000 upto a maximum of INR 5,00,000.
  8. Mere quarantine expenses are not covered. It has to be a hospitalisation expense.
  9. Claims are paid cashless via HDFC’s 10,000 strong network hospital list.
  10. The premiums are kept at a reasonable level, considering it is a specific illness and limited duration policy. For example, a family of 2 Adults (of upto 35 years) and 1 Child can get a Rs. 5 lakh floater cover for around INR 2600. For specific quotes, please reach out to us via

How does this policy stack up compared to other competitors

Please refer to the table below on how HDFC Ergo’s policy’s premium in comparison with other Insurance Company products.

Source : HDFC Ergo

If you have your family medical cover at 5 lakhs or lower, this may be something you could consider as a onetime expense to insure.

How to Buy This Policy

You can click the link below to get your specific quotation and buy the policy instantly online.



Also, one must understand that this policy does not cover all ailments and hence can not substitute the requirement of Medical Insurance policy. For details on a more broader coverage, please refer to our Blog post Product Review – Medical Insurance – Apollo Munich Optima Restore

While this product may sound like a good option, it may not be necesary for individuals who already have a stand alone medical insurance or a reasonably good cover from their work place. Hence, if your existing medical covers are around 10+ lakhs, you can give this product a miss.

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  1. aanchal bhadauria says:

    whether this insurance policy will be available as deduction or not

  2. Puneet Agarwal says:

    Hey, I believe you are after tax deduction under 80D. While there is no specific mention of the same, I see this policy similar to medical insurance which is for a specific illness. Income tax is silent about such special policies. I would rather claim the deduction.

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