17 Responses to Public Provident Fund (PPF)

  1. Lalit says:

    Thanks for such an informative update on PPF. It really helps when you have the overall knowledge of a particular investment option.Cheers!

  2. Thanks Lalit. Watch out for our next article (to be published shortly) on making the best out of PPF.

  3. Sanjay bansal says:

    Ple send e mail address by return mail.We require some details as residing in dewas

  4. Sanjay,
    You can send us the details on info@banyanfa.com.

  5. mylifedesire says:

    Where i should open PPF, Should it be SBI or ICICI?

    Is there any harm if i open in private banks like ICICI Bank?

  6. Frankly it does not matter. Truly SBI being a Public sector bank may command a better trust factor, but ICICI bank is not a bad brand at all. Plus ICICI may offer certain advanced features like online deposits which SBI may lag.

  7. Ghanshyam says:

    Pl tell me whether the ceiling of Rs. 1 Lakh for depositing in the PPF account in a year is for one account only or it is for multiple accounts i.e. individual’s and children’s accounts irrespective of claimimg exemption U/s 80(c) of the I.T.Act.

  8. One lac ceiling is per individual. However children do not enjoy a separate one lac limit. For example a couple with two children will have total 2 lacs limit.

  9. sunandha k says:

    now you can make deposit into PPf account online as well

  10. Thanks Sunandha. Indeed technology is now fully helping the customers :)

  11. Vivekananada says:

    Very much helpful article. Thanks banyanfa

  12. Prashant says:

    yes bank is applicable or not

  13. Hi Prashant,
    I don’t think that Yes Bank provides the PPF account facility.

  14. Suvendu Das says:

    Can I deposit any amount of money in my ppf a/c ie more than 500/- and less than 100000/- in every of the months?

  15. Hi Suvendu
    You can deposit any amount subject to a minimum of Rs 500 a year and max Rs 1lac a year. I think there is a min of Rs. 100 per month.

  16. Anilkona says:

    Its really helpfull information. Thank you very much to provide such a helpfull information about PPF.
    Please guide me, as I am working in another country(NRI), shall I open PPF in my wife’s name.

  17. Hi Anilkona
    NRIs cannot open a new PPF account. If your wife lives in India, then you can have a PPF account in her name.

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