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Our life is full of change which could arise from a new born baby, schooling, advanced studiesor perhaps starting a first job, buying your first home, etc. A new stage is set after one gets married and finally when one approaches retirement. Unfortunately it doesn’t stop here where at times one is faced with unforeseen circumstances such as redundancy, divorce, illness or bereavement. In such situations, a financial adviser who listens to you and understands your needs is fundamental to your financial wellbeing. It is here where Banyan Financial Advisors play a pivotal role in being a trusted advisor for all its clients.

We target to develop close working relationships with our clients and this enables us to understand their specific needs throughout the different stages of life. We strive to ensure that our advice is transparent, jargon free and is always focused in the best interest of our clients. Banyan Financial Advisors have offices located in Agra, Jaipur & London. Our advisors have over ten years of experience within the financial services industry, and take full advantage of this knowledge when providing specialist financial planning solutions to both individuals and corporates. The advice and guidance is always delivered in a friendly but professional manner using laymen’s terminology that clients can understand and relate to.

As an advisory firm we are extremely proud thatmajority of our business is generated through referrals from existing clients and other professionals. Our business thrives upon the goodwill created by the word of mouth of our satisfied clients.

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4 Responses to About Us

  1. rohan says:

    hello all of u

    i hv a quiery abt Critical illness policy…….
    actually i want to buy CI for my family…wht should we remember b4 buying this policy??? which one is best company ? shall i buy 2 critical illness policy each 5 lac… is it gud ??? wht do u think ???
    Bharti-Axa , Aviva , Bajaj i m confused abt abv companies whch one is beter thru CLAIM RATIO OR PREIUM …

    some details i hv found…


    Bharti-Axa(20 diseases)-S.A.-5LAC T-1yr prem.-5450/-
    Bajaj ( 10 diseases)-SA-5Lac T-1yrs prem.-4495/-
    AVIVA (12 Diseases) -SA-5 Lac T-22yrs prem.-3871/-
    AVIVA (12 Diseases) -SA-10 Lac T-22yrs prem.-6730/-


    Bharti-Axa(20 diseases)-S.A.-5LAC T-1yr prem.-/-1675/-
    Bajaj ( 10 diseases)-SA-5Lac T-1yrs prem.-/-1685/-
    AVIVA (12 Diseases) -SA-5 Lac T-30yrs prem.-3871/-
    AVIVA (12 Diseases) -SA-10 Lac T-30yrs prem.-3045/-


    Bharti-Axa(20 diseases)-S.A.-5LAC T-1yr prem.-/-1225/-
    Bajaj ( 10 diseases)-SA-5Lac T-1yrs prem.-/-1124/-
    AVIVA (12 Diseases) -SA-11 Lac T-30yrs prem.-2336/-

    wht should we take ?? 2 policy each 5 lac or one policy ???

    sooooooo confused ….

  2. Hi Rohan,
    Critical Illness cover should be minimum 10 lacs so that atleast the SA can be sufficient to bear the minimum medical expenses (if not other liabilities). You need not go for 2 policies. Go for a single one. You may do a comparison online at


  3. rohan says:

    thank u very much for ur advice
    i visited on tht site i din’t get proper info.

    will u plz tell me if i buy CI policy of S.A. 10 lac which company should i choose … bz i dnt hv idea abt this policy…

    I Searched 2 to 3 companies i.e.

    Max-Bupa ( Fixed Income plan)– (coverd 20 dieseas..age band-18 to dnt know )

    Bajaj Allianze–(coverd 10 dieases..age band-18 to 60yrs)

    Aviva CI –(coverd 20 dieases..age band-18 to 65yrs)

    could u plz tell me or sugest me which one is better and why ????

    according to ur knowdedge… plz giv me best product…
    God Bless U…


  4. rohan says:

    SOORY Aviva also coverd 12 dieases….

    bharti axa coverd 20 dieases bt their Max. SA – UPTO 5lac only….

    waiting for ur reply

    bz i wanted to buy this policy in this month…


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